What Does Kokoro Mean?

  Kokoro is a Japanese character which represents mind, heart, and spirit. In the Japanese culture, there is no distinction between the three. Like the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in Christianity, they are different, but still the same.
   When developing my style of Jujitsu based on Danzan-ryu Jujitsu, which I earned my Black Belt in, I was looking for a word or term that would best describe what I wanted my clan to be about.
   At a seminar, the instructor who was teaching inscribed my copy of his book with the word Kokoro and explained to me what it meant. I filed it away in the back of my mind as I still had my own school to run and operate.
   The more research I did on the word "Kokoro", the more I began to feel a connection with the word. And as I developed my style, the more that word became prominent.
   I found that Kokoro and what I was teaching were one and the same.
   In our style, as a Samurai, we train primarily on strengthening the mind, heart, and spirit to make us a superior  class of fighters.
   In Kokoro Jujitsu, we train our bodies to be strong, flexible, and able to have the endurance necessary to protect the innocent and our loved ones.
   A true Samurai knows how important it is to train the Mind. You never know when your going to find yourself in a situation where you may not be able to get out of using physical force and strength. there may be situations where you may need to mentally formulate a plan to save yourself and/or others.
   The ability to think outside the box is one of a Kokoro Samurai's greatest tools in defeating an opponent.
   When it comes to the Heart, we mean the balance between the art of war and the art of peace.
   Many new martial art styles that have emerged train the body well enough, but fail to teach compassion and a strong sense of right and wrong. Some of the many problems that may arise are that you leave the potential open for some very dangerous, highly trained individuals who haven't learned how not to punch as well as they were taught how To punch.
   A good, compassionate heart is necessary to balance the violence one learns while studying martial arts. It teaches a person how not to harm someone just as equally as it teaches a person how to harm someone if it becomes necessary.
   When it comes to the Spirit, we mean the person's will to fight. We mean your ability to keep fighting, even when your body and your mind are not able to function fully anymore.
   Sometimes we may be the only thing that stands between an attacker and their victims.
   A Kokoro Samurai cannot give up. Even after he is broken, fatigued, and wanting nothing more than just give up, he must be able to keep fighting. There may come a time when the Kokoro Samurai wont have the luxury to quite fighting, because lives may depend on it.
   A Kokoro Samurai doesn't have the luxury to get tired, or give up. We train for the worst case scenario and train to be the one element needed in that situation that leads to victory, rather than defeat.
   So by using the trinity of Kokoro, we have developed a unique and highly prized way of training the next generation of Protectors.
   Come join us as superior weapons for peace, with the ability of the greatest of warriors and the heart to use our skills for the benefit of humanity, whom we serve.


                                                            -Master Antonio, Godan


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